Tune in to Collars

Just like Nancy shows us in this video, creating the perfect collar takes time and care. While we announced the Collar protocol in May with the expectation of the core protocol being shipped shortly thereafter, we understood that to do so we would need to dramatically and quickly scale up our team. As the May bull-run faded, so to did the pressure to ship so quickly. Instead, we opted to keep the team small, focused, and agile. This has let us better prepare and plan for the long-term health of the protocol before it is set in motion and be free from having to make the compromises that come with having a large team. Our team’s core value is sustainable decentralized growth, and all decisions we are making about Collar pre-launch — from the tokenomics to governance — reflect this value.

As the launch of Collar on Ethereum approaches, here is a summary of some things we have done and some things we have yet to do:


  • smart contracts, May 2021
  • smart contract audits, June 2021
  • front-end and testnet, Aug-Sept 2021

To be completed before launch

  • finalize partnerships and fundraising
  • announce detailed tokenomics
  • announce governance structure
  • educate and grow our community with more events

To be completed soon after launch

  • add more stablecoin pairs to Collar and research the addition of pairs of pegged assets that are not stablecoins
  • implement the first Collar Improvement Proposals that increase liquidity and generate yield
  • expand to other chain(s)
  • introduce and implement new mechanisms based on perpetuals (intro to perps here) to make Collar even more efficient

We hope you are as excited for the future of Collar as we are. It’s just like Nancy says: “Collars are often focal points of garments.” We agree, that’s why we want to craft Collar into something that stands out. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements that touch on all the points described above.

(If you haven’t already, join our Discord! Look for the ⎉ symbol to enter the ⎉COLLARS Club⎉ giveaway, still on until Oct. 3rd.)

Collar gives you options for you stablecoins.

Visit collar.org



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Collar is a decentralized lending protocol that hedges pegged cryptoassets with no liquidations and 100% LTV.