Collar Testnet NFT Raffle!


The Collar Testnet Campaign is in its final 2 weeks. We will still be accepting DApp testing submissions for that campaign this week and we will begin distributing the POAP tokens to all participants sometime next week.

But we want to encourage as many people as possible to experience the Collar Testnet DApp, so we are also creating an NFT raffle. Anyone can enter the raffle, including those who have previously entered the Collar Testnet Campaign. Here are the steps to enter:

  1. Retweet the tweet located here.
  2. Follow the steps in the Collar Testnet Tutorial for NFT Raffle in order to farm COLLAR testnet tokens. If you already have COLLAR testnet tokens, you can skip ahead to the “Viewing Your Claimable COLLAR” section.
  3. Join the Collar Discord and post a screenshot of your claimable COLLAR balance in the #nft-raffle-screenshot channel. Return to our Discord after 24 hours. Your submission should be verified and you can enter the raffle by clicking on the GiveawayBot emoji in the #nft-raffle-entry channel.
  4. Check back in a week to see if you’ve won an NFT!


Amulets V4 is a recently launched NFT project where anyone can mint text “poems” called amulets that satisfy some criteria. You can view the collection of all minted amulets here on OpenSea. Most amulets are found via computer search, and the higher the rarity of the amulet the longer a computer search takes to find it. We have 3 Chinese language poem amulets to give away in this raffle that are of the highest rarity: Beyond Mythic! Beyond Mythic amulets currently make up less than 3% of all amulets in existence. Here is a sneak peak of the amulets we have to give away in the raffle:

Will the amulets we give away become very valuable? We don’t know, it is still very early in the Amulets V4 project. But even if it doesn’t make the raffle winners rich, we hope they enjoy owning such an interesting and unique NFT.

It’s time to dress up your stablecoins.




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Collar is a decentralized lending protocol that hedges pegged cryptoassets with no liquidations and 100% LTV.